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Success Stories

Highly compensated executive seeks counsel on separation agreement. Separation agreement is negotiated with substantial severance and mutual messaging of change.

"I am certain there are many who can and have already commented on the legal expertise and commitment of the team. I certainly agree and echo those thoughts. Equally importantly the legal team listens and adds commentary and comfort to the emotions that often surround legal challenges." [August 2019]

Union member brought up on internal union charges that could effect union membership and union membership rights. Provided counsel and advice on responding to internal union charges and assisted in all aspects of preparation of presentation of defense to charges. Proceedings resulting in nominal fine and uninterrupted membership.

"I found Nat to be knowledgeable, thorough and responsive. I never felt rushed through a meeting, whether in person or on the phone." [July 2019]

Long term school district administrator faces onset of degenerative disability. Negotiate with employer dignified transition from employment.

"When I called Mr. Charny regarding my employment dilemma, hearing the urgency of my concerns, he fit me into his tight schedule on the same day. Mr. Charny listened patiently and attentively to my detailed description of events, took several pages of notes, and asked relevant questions for clarification. After allowing me time to process my options, Mr. Charny acted promptly to notify my employer of my requests. He facilitated a smooth and expeditious resolution between my employer and me. I can breathe again! Thank you so much!" [May 2019]

Higher Education professor is target of disciplinary charges based on alleged improper conduct with female students. Client had successor employment but wanted to maximize leverage for a severance package. Secured 2.5 years of separation pay along with resignation, closing investigation and positive reference.

“Mr. Charny more than exceeded my expectations! He remained supportive, articulate and courteous throughout the process going far beyond what was expected to secure unique services and availability on a quite short notice. Thank you Mr. Charny!” [March 2019]

Highly compensated corporate executive retains firm to negotiate separation agreement in the face of adverse employment contract. Able to secure separation terms improved over previously negotiated terms in employment contract in exchange for release of all claims.

“Russell worked very hard to resolve several major issues in my contract. The corporation I worked for eleven years is conservative and inflexible to all my requests with them directly where Russell resolved many of my requests through his negotiating skills.” [February 2019]

International Corporate Executive retains firm to negotiate separation agreement. Able to secure all favorable terms with economic package well in excess of client’s expectation.

“I had a very positive experience with this firm. Their expertise in the area of workplace disputes along with their ability to weigh my concerns and personal situation led to a positive outcome. I would recommend the firm of Charny & Wheeler.” [December 2018]

Long term hourly employee of small service business is terminated without cause. Firm leverages unpaid overtime claims into large separation package in excess of one year’s pay.

“A1 Service! Great job! Thank you sir.” [November 2018]

Private college security office brings in firm to prosecute disability discrimination claim brought in the New York State Division of Human Rights. Firm removed from the DHR and brought federal claim under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Claim is settled for large payout in exchange for release of all claims.

“Excellent job. Thank you!” [November 2018]

Tech industry IT employee is terminated from employment without case and is warned that is nonetheless subject to onerous non-compete agreement. Firm is able to negotiate excise of non-compete agreement along with additional substantial separation package.

“The representation I received was efficient, professional and prompt. Communication was regular and highly informative. Could not have asked for a better experience.” [October 2018]

High school janitor is terminated from employment from public school. Firm brings race-based discrimination claims and is able to settle for substantial payment to client, plus continued medical coverage and positive reference.

“This firm cares about people. They are very prompt and work fast to get you the money you deserve.” [September 2018]

Tenured public high school teacher brought up on 3020-A disciplinary charges and School District seeks termination.  Retains firm to represent in the disciplinary proceedings.  Client asked to negotiate retirement but only with large buyout.  Proceeded to eve of disciplinary hearing with extensive discovery and disclosure demands used to show weakness in the School District’s charges and then settled charges for resignation and substantial lump sum buyout. 

“I would strongly recommend Nathaniel Charny and his team of professionals to anyone confronted with a work place dispute.  From my initial contact to my final resolution I was constantly updated and kept in the loop.  Our strategic sessions were key and I was a part of the resolution.  Charny had my best outcome as his fundamental base starting point and never waivered.  Very satisfied.” [December 2018]

Long term municipal employee complains to management that he is being denied promotion training and opportunities because of his race.  After purported “investigation” by management, municipality transfers client to a less desirable position.  Commenced federal lawsuit making state and federal race discrimination and retaliation/whistleblower claims and litigated the matter through discovery and pre-trial motions.  In the meantime, client was able to transfer out of less desirable position, therefore the only damages available were mental anguish damages.  On the eve of trial, settled case for substantial money payment to client in exchange for release of claims.  Client remains employed by municipality.

“Satisfied with settlement.  Nathaniel did a great job and put the time and effort in my case.  Any question I had, he answered honestly and truthfully.  Would definitely recommend this law firm to any employee that’s dealing with workplace issues.” [December 2018]

Direct care aid at camp for disabled clients is terminated from employment after eight years of service.  Demand letter to employer asserting retaliation for complaining of race-based hostility in the workplace results in severance payment, mutual messaging and continued benefits until new employment

“There was not a lot of money in it for this law firm but they took my case and I was able to recoup some money.  Most law firms would not have taken my case.  However Russell Wheeler helped me and was interested in doing the right thing.  I am so blessed and thankful for his help!” 
[April 2018]

Ready-to-retire public sector firefighter challenges improper payroll practices of fire district and is subject to retaliatory adverse action.  Represented Client in disciplinary proceedings and settlement negotiations.  Significant separation payment and transition agreement that ensured full pension and lifetime benefits is negotiated.

“Nat’s knowledge of labor law is extensive and he really show cased his talents at the disciplinary hearing with this effective cross examinations!  Some people in positions of authority in the work place abuse their authority to the detriment of the employee.  Charny & Wheeler addresses these abuses lawfully and effectively!”  [March 2018]

Executive Director of large not-for-profit retains firm to negotiate separation from employment based on mutual agreement between Board and Client.  Secured significant severance payment commensurate with years of service, continued benefits and mutual messaging regarding separation.

“Russell Wheeler made the entire process clear and simple.  We achieved our goals and the matter was settled to my satisfaction.  I would not hesitate to use him again and recommend his services.”  [January 2018]

Property manager and rancher for large privately-owned estate is terminated soon after on-the-job injury.  Demand letter is sent for disability and FMLA discrimination is sent and ignored.  Suit is brought in federal court and soon thereafter settled for substantial payment, continued benefits and positive reference.

“Nathaniel Charny best exemplifies true integrity in regard to upholding justice for the people who have been mistreated by much larger entities.  They never give in to larger firms posturing and give their best and all in making you feel righteous!  Thank you again!”  [September 2017]

Junior physician at medical practice is placed on “administrative leave” for poor performance and contacts firm.  Negotiated separation from employment for two years pay and resignation.

“I found the services provided were not only professional and well done but also exceeding all my expectations!  Mr. Wheeler went beyond the usual methods and I felt he is an outstanding and caring individual.”  [May 2017]

Property Manager at residential complex is injured off the job and employer refuses reasonable accommodation.  Client moves out of town, secures new employment and asks firm to cash out the claim at highest value.  Negotiates settlement for large lump sum and positive reference.

“Mr. Charny was very fair in the cost and I felt like he understood my problem with my former employer.  If I did not move out of state I would have taken his advice and gone all the way to the EEOC hearing because what happened to me should not be allowed and putting the money aside I suffered tremendous stress losing my insurance when my employer knew I was having a major surgery.  Thank you for everything!”  [June 2017]

Well compensated organizational consultant for large consulting firm suffers injuries after a slip and fall soon after being hired. The Employer refused to accommodate her and her treating physician’s request to work some days from home and other needed accommodations during the recovery and she is discharged from Employment. Commenced administrative and federal court proceedings for disability discrimination. Matter settled after motion practice on summary judgment and prior to trial for large six figure payout.

"Rusty Wheeler was compassionate about my case. He understood the goals of my case and was always prepared, he had an understanding of what opposing counsel was planning and he prepared the strategy to win.  Rusty listened to what I had to say and allowed me to participate in our strategy.  I would highly recommend this team and would have them represent me again, should the need arise." [February 2017]

Executive Director of large not-for-profit organization retains firm to negotiate separation from employment after dispute with subset of Board of Directors. Demand letter outlining race discrimination and other potential claims results in significant severance payment and Executive Director's control over messaging during departure.

"The firm gave me the legal and emotional support to navigate a very difficult professional and personal experience. The level of concern and professionalism the firm exhibited was deepy appreciated. I have already recommended the firm to others." [July 2016]

Executive employee of large health care provider faces layoff based on claimed corporate reorganization. Retained to review proposed severance agreement. Able to negotiate substantial increase in economic value of the package in exchange for confidentiality and non-disparagement.

"I was referred to Charny & Wheeler by colleagues of mine to review my severance package. Nathaniel Charny was able to get me in the very next day to show my concerns. He was able to modify my package to my satisfaction. Good help from Erin as well." [May 2016]

Health care professional is subject to termination based on work performance issues. Provided counsel through termination and negotiated amicable resolution with guaranteed confidentiality and neutral reference.

"This practice provided sound legal advice resulting in the most optimal decision for our circumstances and the fee was reasonable." [March 2016]

Employee of construction company is terminated by erratic boss after asking that the boss stop making derogatory comments about disabled people; employee's son has a developmental disability. Negotiated substantial severance package and favorable employment transition terms.

"Legal matters were conducted with much respect, compassion and confidentiality. They helped an unpleasant situation easier to navigate. Thank you very much!" [January 2016]

Sales representative at auto dealership is subject to hostile work environment based on gender, including unwanted and repeated sexual advances by her supervisor. Soon after client demands that the supervisor stop harassing her, client is terminated allegedly based on lay off. Almost immediately thereafter, client secures better paying and more interesting successor employment. Commenced lawsuit in U.S. District Court for gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Matter settled during Court-ordered mediation for settlement payment well in excess of client's bottom line.

"Nathaniel Charny is an exceptional attorney and I wouldn't recommend changing a thing about the representation. He was able to make a very traumatic experience a pleasurable experience, as crazy as that sounds." [December 2015]

Represented long term independent contractor for municipal employer in efforts to secure retroactive pension coverage as if employee and unpaid overtime as if employee. Secured payment for all unpaid overtime for three years; litigated unsuccessful appeal of application for retirement benefits.

"I understood my proceeding carried a risk of losing and that one pivotal factor could determine the outcome of my case. The ruling handed down had a negative outcome for me but Charny & Wheeler provided excellent advice, a realistic view of then outcome, empathy, communication, at all times of the day and week, and a positive view of their experience and practice." [November 2015]

Higher Ed tenured faculty member retains firm to counsel on threatened disciplinary charges. Disciplinary charges were averted and tenure kept intact.

"From the very first call to the firm, I felt I had someone in my corner looking out for my interests." [November 2015]

Newly-hired manager of Hudson Valley restaurant terminated after suffering epileptic seizure during his first week of work. Commenced federal lawsuit for disability discrimination. Matter settled mid-way through litigation for substantial lump sum payment in exchange for release of claims.

"Russell and Elizabeth did an amazing job handling this matter for me. They communicated with me consistently regarding the complications of litigation and made this all happen well. I am very pleased with the outcome. I was able to get a payment that will cover me financially for way more than the lost income. Thank you Rusty and Elizabeth!" [November 2015]

Software technology professional for large national telecommunications company is subject to layoff and offered severance/layoff proposal. After consultation and review, negotiated increased severance payment and improved non-economic terms to layoff agreement.

"Labor issues relating to software development can be difficult. Charny & Wheeler effectively provided the legal foundation to resolve our dispute. We are pleased with their representation." [October 2015]

Commissioned sales executive quits job because of mismanagement and resulting loss of income; takes book of business and opens competing company (literally next door). Former employer sues for breach of non-compete. Client retains Charny & Wheeler. Counter-sued for breach of fiduciary obligations as well as breach of employment contract and commission sales agreement. Mid-way through depositions matter is mediated to successful settlement which involved substantial payment to Client and dismissal with no payments of former emplyoyer's non-compete claims.

"Nathaniel Charny is simply a superior attorney. His knowledge of employment related cases is second to none. He earned my respect as a top notch litigator and a trusted advisor." [July 2015]

Law enforcement officer is subject to retaliation after whistle blowing on improper wage practices of supervisors. Brought federal civil rights complaint against employer, settling for retraction of adverse disciplinary record created during the retaliation period, as well as substantial payment for mental anguish.

"Nat Charny provided sound legal counsel, his ability to research applicable law and case law was very effective and provided me with a favorable conclusion in my litigation." [June 2015]

Senior level not-for-profit executive is terminated soon after challenging certain improper billing and claim practices of employer as it relates to federal and state funds. Once retained, challenged the discharge as violative of federal and state protections against false claims act retaliation and in the meantime client found successor employment. Secured substantial payment for release of false claims act claims.

"I was very pleased with my experience with Mr. Charny. I felt comfortable and confident that my interests would be protected." [June 2015]

Long term property manager of apartment complex is terminated after owner hire's consultant who insists on unlawful wage and hour practices and client refuses. Commenced litigation for whistleblower retaliation. Mediation resulted in agreement for substantial severance payment in exchange for release of claims.

"After being terminated by my employer from a position I held for 12 years, I was not only devastated but in many ways I felt truly lost. From the moment I met Nathaniel Charny he was the best choice. I felt very comfortable speaking with him and knew he would do a good job for no matter what we faced. And that is exactly what he did. He not only shielded me from my former employer who did not always conduct themselves in the manner they should but also their attorney who did the same. When I became nervous or started to doubt myself he was always there to remind me of how confident he was in our case and in me which helped me greatly." [May 2015]

Employee of municipality is diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and faces obstinate employer in regards to accommodating the disability. Employee is forced out of work on medical leave. Once retained, firm negotiated employee's return to work with all requested accommodations and commenced suit for all damages resulting from her forced leave of absence. Just prior to trial, matter settled for full back pay with interest plus high end of available compensatory damages for resulting mental anguish.

"Nathaniel will forever be my "gold standard" in what an attorney should be. He was direct, realistic and positive. He never made me feel like this process was about anyone but me. He helped me negotiate a very positive outcome and put to rest a very difficult process. I have my life back!" [May 2015]

Long-term Assistant Manager for chain of retail hardware stores terminated from employment defined as "layoff" and seeks counsel based on belief that his disability motivated the termination. Issue-spotted significant wage and hour violations (unpaid overtime) going back six full years as well as claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act and its state-court counterpart. Brought suit against current employer as well as immediately prior owner of chain and litigated extensively through discovery and past motion to dismiss on summary judgment. Once scheduled for trial, settled at mediation for substantial payment of unpaid wages and damages for disability discrimination in the workplace.

"Charny & Wheeler handled my dispute in a professional manner. Nathaniel Charny patiently explained all procedures with the filing process and was available any time I had a concern or question. His staff and associates were also very accommodating at all times. When it came to mediation, Nathaniel was able to present all the facts of my case to the mediator and the four attorneys representing the defendants; he showed the injustice done to me. In the end, it was great to see that the 'little guy' could stand up to the 'big corporations'." [May 2015]

Eight-year management employee of regional hospital is fired on pretextual terms after complaining about CEO's overly-sexualized work environment. After demand letter, settled for one year's pay and positive employment transition terms.

"Yes, I would recommend Charny & Wheeler. Nathaniel was very informative and realistic about the end outcome. They really advocate for their clients." [March 2015]

Represented individual through jury trial regarding civil rights violations by city police department, including use of taser and other excess force. Secured substantial settlement immediately prior to jury reporting back verdict; reports from juror post-trial confirmed that plaintiff had proven his case of civil rights violations.

"Mr. Nathaniel K Charny is the best trial attorney I have ever worked with in my entire life. He truly gives the definition to the best of the best. Not only did he control the entire trial but controlled the trial against another experienced attorney. Mr. Charny was extremely effective in delivering his opening statements, closing statements and every essential and important fact that needed to be presented. Mr. Charny is a surgeon in the court room that will fight tooth and nail for his client, and I would highly recommend him to anybody." [March 2015]

High-level executive separating employment from International Corporation.  Negotiated full scope of terms regarding separation from employment, including three-times normal executive payout for this employer.

"Russell was great in keeping me informed.  He was fair and made me feel 100% comfortable that he was doing all he can to get me a fair agreement.  I never had to worry about anything; he was very supportive.  Thank you so much!"  [Feb. 2015]

Executive of national retail chain is subject to disparate treatment based on gender and retaliation for use of family medical leave, seeks counsel to negotiate separation from employment.  Began proceedings and negotiated with employer -- secured substantial separation pay and positive separation terms.

"Russell Wheeler was very professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire legal process.  I really appreciated his calm approach during a very stressful time in my life." [February 2015]

Fourteen year data entry clerk for medical billing company is terminated from employment while on leave to deal with symptoms from chronic disability.  Client had used up nearly all protected-leave in prior year and came to firm having used up all protected leave for current year.  Negotiated settlement of federal and state disability and FMLA claims for substantial severance payment and transitional terms of employment.

"I will admit going into this I was nervous.  I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing.  After speaking with Charny & Wheeler they assured me of everything and made me feel better.  I was stressed over my situation.  I would recommend them to anybody who needs a lawyer for work problems."  [December 2014]

Food wholesale broker is subject to false accusation of attempted shoplifting at large food retailer (clients’) store and subject to “no trespass” order.  Negotiated rescission of “no trespass” order and reinstatement of all rights and opportunities with retailer.

"Nathaniel gave me his time and help before I decided to move forward with this.  I appreciate his time taken and patience in talking to me which helped me make a good decision to move forward.  I really enjoyed working with my attorney, who was assigned the matter.  I found him relaxed, not intimidating and he was patient in explaining things.  I hate that this happened to me and I am angry about it, but I couldn’t have asked for a better recommendation and representation!"  [September 2014]

Firm retained to defend public high school administrator against disciplinary charges seeking discharge with no severance or terms of separation.  After two days of hearing, employer offered generous buy out with additional non-economic benefits which administrator accepted and has moved to successor employment.

"Mr. Charny was a true professional.  I truly appreciated his position and fighting for me.  He was extremely impressive during my hearing.  He controlled the process and I am very pleased with the outcome."  [August 2014]

Public school employee is subject to disability discrimination in the workplace including employer’s refusal to return employee to work with reasonable accommodations.  Litigated federal action under Americans with Disabilities Act and state law equivalent and successfully secured reinstatement to work with needed accommodations, as well as back pay for lost time.

"Mr. Charny and Mr. Wheeler provided me with outstanding professional and personal attention.  The firm of Charny & Wheeler is second to none!"  [June 2014]

Property Manager for Hudson Valley luxury estate of high-wealth family is summarily discharged and then defamed to prospective employers by family’s personnel manager.  Commenced action in Federal District Court (New York City) and litigated through discovery, motion practice and jury trial; after one week trial, secured unanimous plaintiff’s verdict with compensation for the defamatory conduct.

"I will always be grateful to Nathaniel for taking on this case. If not for his diligence and perseverance, and his willingness to listen to his client, I wouldn’t have made it to the end of this trial. We were up against big city law firms in federal court, and we won! Enough said!!" [April 2014]

Executive director of non-profit organization terminated with proposed severance agreement. Negotiated substantial additional non-monetary severance benefits.

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your associate. I understand that my case had a low profile and that the monetary amount involved was minor in comparison to most cases you are involved with. I am sorry that my case was not easily resolved and remained open for such a long time. Thanks to your professional support and expertise, I was able to attain a decent separation agreement. But maybe far more important was the non-monetary result of retaining you as my legal representative. Thank you so much for your patience, wisdom, understanding and protection. The end of my position was a painful awakening and learning experience. I could not have done it without you. Again, thank you for listening and just being there when I needed an answer, clarification or - as so many times - somebody to call JW. I was impressed by your menshlichkeit and professionalism, and I hope that one day in the future, I can recommend you to a friend or colleague, or ask you to review a contract." [January 2014]

Executive-level employee of Hudson Valley not-for-profit is terminated soon after leadership change.  Negotiated comprehensive separation package with substantial severance payment.

"I am grateful to this firm for the excellent representation I received.  I greatly appreciated the support and guidance I received from Mr. Charny.  I have already recommended this firm to others and will continue to do so."  [November 2013]

Sales Manager of large national corporation is terminated after returning from protected medical leave.  Commenced federal litigation with claims under the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Mid-litigation, matter is settled for substantial lump sum payment.

"After my experience with my attorney, there is no other firm that will fight harder, longer or smarter for your legal rights."  [October 2013]

Municipal (Town) employee is terminated from civil service employment without proper notice and deficient due process.  Negotiated payment in full of all dues wages for remainder of term of employment, with additional payment of all attorneys fees by employer.

"Charny & Wheeler helped me regain my self respect after being terminated after 27 years of service for no reason.  Seriously, getting them to pay up was more important than the amount."  [October 2013]

Group of employees retain Charny & Wheeler to litigate wage and hour/overtime claims against  employer.  Commenced federal litigation on behalf of employees resulting in settlement including payment of unpaid overtime with separate payment of attorneys’ fees.

“Charny & Wheeler are the best at what they do.  They are truly professional, patient, and go above and beyond to achieve the desired results.  Above all, they are straight-forward and honest.  I would recommend them to everyone!!!”  [October 2013]

“I would recommend Charny & Wheeler to any one that needs services.  The firm was very informative about the case and did the best to assure that all documents were correct.  They were very honest and forthright.”  [October 2013]

“The paralegal was great giving us information and always being there to give us news on what is going on; and so was my attorney.  Great job!”  [October 2013]

“Everyone was very polite and professional.”  [October 2013]

Big-box retail store fails to engage in appropriate interactive process regarding employee’s disability accommodation needs in the workplace, leading to his separation from employment.  After initiating federal litigation, negotiated settlement of all claims for substantial severance package and other post-termination protections.

"[My attorneys] are true professionals.  They are spot on with all their advice and information.  I will recommend them to all needing their services."  [July 2013]

Client was terminated from employment with a trucking company for alleged safety issues.  Unemployment compensation was denied, along with a charge of misrepresentation to the State and a demand for repayment of benefits paid. Successfully reversed all aspects of findings, securing a reinstatement of benefits, withdrawal of the misrepresentation charge and no requirement of repayment.

"I appreciate everything your firm did for me.  I don’t know what I would have done if there wasn’t someone your firm to help me out in that kind of situation."  [July 2013]

Officer of large health care company is terminated with proposed separation agreement. Negotiated modified terms and substantial increase in severance pay.

"Thank you for your help and assistance. You helped me and my family to weather what has been a difficult time for all of us by securing some resources and some time for me to get back on my feet. You do great work." [June 2013]

Higher education administrator is subject to gender-based hostile work environment leading to threatened workplace violence by perpetrator.  Client stayed employed, perpetrator was discharged from employment, and secured substantial payout for mental anguish/emotional distress.

"As soon as I spoke to Nathaniel Charny on the phone I made my decision that I wanted him to represent me in what turned out to be an extremely sensitive case against a highly recognized and affluent organization.

Nathaniel counseled me the whole way in a very professional yet down to earth manner.  I truly felt like a team throughout the entire experience, and if ever I called the office and he wasn't available, my attorney stepped up and made me feel the same way.

My husband and I got to know Nathaniel Charny not only as a focused attorney, but a wonderful family man and hands on father as well.  These qualities continued to impress us as we saw how they spilled over in his steadfast support to see that justice was done in representing me.

Thank you Charny & Wheeler for your dedication and professionalism and proving to a huge powerhouse that goodness and integrity does prevail." [May 2013]

Trader for investment firm is discharged for allegedly working on extracurricular activities on the clock and unemployment compensation is denied.  On appeal, able to show that employer condoned the activities and unemployment benefits restored retroactively.

 "Mr. Wheeler got to know my case well, is insightful, quick minded and presented well to the Judge.  Thanks Russell!"  [April 2013]

High ranking administrator of private school seeks counsel on negotiations with school regarding resignation and separation agreement.  Provided advice in real time on terms, conditions and negotiation strategy towards successful separation agreement that encompassed all sought elements.

"The presumption we might make -- that lawyers are shysters out for their own good -- is completely contradicted once you speak and work with a Charny & Wheeler lawyer.  Another lawyer myth is also turned on its head when working with a Charny attorney; that the law and lawyers cannot understand -- on a human level -- what it means to work and live as a person of color or a woman in a country historically structured to oppose the very essence of who we are.

Charny & Wheeler might possibly be New York State's new civil rights attorneys for the century."  [April 2013]

Short-term employee of large corporation is terminated from employment based on claimed misconduct.  Employer objected to claim for unemployment insurance and benefits were denied.  Successfully represented employee in unemployment insurance appeal proceedings resulting in reinstatement of all UI benefits.

"Rusty Wheeler was excellent — positive and responsive and reactive.  Overall pleased — firm was caring, was down to earth with me and respectful of my issues surrounding my case."
[April 2013]

Administrative staff of higher education institution are subject to hostile work environment based on gender, including sexual harassment and gender-based bullying.  After perpetrator is terminated from employment, secured payment to staff to compensate for emotional distress; all staff maintained their employment.

"Nathaniel is an amazing man who makes sure to treat you with respect, keeps the environment positive with a touch of good humor and makes you feel at home with what he and his team are doing." [March 2013]

Pregnant female employee forced to quit (constructively terminated) from employment because of hostile and abusive work environment.  Federal litigation on gender and pregnancy discrimination claims settled for substantial severance package.

"My attorney was incredible! He had the patience of a saint with me. I’m glad Charny & Wheeler represented me – he is a bulldog!!!" [October 2012]

Manager of local branch of national retail establishment is terminated and offered nominal severance package in exchange for release of all claims against employer.  Used possible claim for unpaid wages, including unpaid bonus and incentive compensation to negotiate enhanced severance package including post-employment protections such as a reference, no challenge to unemployment and non-disparagement agreement.

"I was very impressed with the attentiveness of Charny & Wheeler and would recommend them to anyone needing this type of representation."  [September 2012]

Long term employee claims unpaid overtime.  Matter litigated through discovery and settled for 150% the value of the unpaid overtime compensation.

"The best attorney for any matter that involves the workplace." [July 2012]

Town of Milan speeding ticket negotiated to parking ticket.

“I reached out to several attorneys whose names had been provided to me by the Milan Town Court. When I called Charny & Wheeler, I spoke with [the Office Manager]. She was by far the nicest and most informed person from any of the law firms I called. She sent me an email promptly and has Nathaniel call me back within the hour. I explained my case to Nathaniel who put me at ease with his confidence and knowledge of the process. After that, we communicated by email which was preferable to me and in the end, he secured the verdict that I had hoped for. Great experience from start to end.” [February 2019]

Employee is terminated after making complaints regarding deductions made from her paycheck.  Commenced federal lawsuit for retaliation and unpaid overtime.  Negotiated substantial severance package with neutral reference and confidentiality agreement.

"I had an excellent experience working with Charny & Wheeler.  I was referred to them through other attorneys in the field when I was in need of advice regarding employment situation.  My initial conversation with Nathaniel Charny was informative and extremely helpful.  When legal action was necessary I felt confident I would be in good hands.  My attorney offered intelligent guidance and strategy to my case.  He was sensitive to my situation, response to my questions, and tenacious in bringing my case to a fair resolution.  I highly recommend the services of Charny & Wheeler." [June 2012]

Financial services employee is denied unemployment compensation after employer challenges eligibility based on policy violations. Successfully represented claimant in administrative proceedings leading to award of UI benefits.

"Charny and Wheeler made my first time with a lawyer easy and less stressful than I expected." [June 2012]

Town of Milan speeding ticket negotiated to a parking ticket.

“Thank you so much! I needed a great lawyer in a short amount of time. Something told me this was the firm based on the professionalism to me and genuine care they showed over the phone. Thank you.” [January 2019]

Long term state employee is dissatisfied with state’s response to her request for workplace accommodation of her disability. Secured all accommodations needed and requested and employee successfully returned to work.

"I highly recommend using Charny & Wheeler for legal help with workplace disputes. My attorney was caring throughout the entire process, showing concern as I healed from several medical issues. His professionalism shown by how he was easily reachable, and promptly got back to me if he had not been available when I contacted him. He helped me obtain a result I had been unable to achieve during the five months I handled the case on my own. If ever a need arose I would again choose Charny & Wheeler for legal representation in this area of law." [June 2012]

Employee subject to disparate treatment by management after long service.
Negotiated and implemented severance agreement with retirement
incentive and severance payment.

"Workplace disputes by their very nature are complex because money, ego and emotions are involved. In addition, the coworkers of the client are reluctant to cooperate because their jobs may be on the line. Charny & Wheeler has the talent, experience and levelheadedness to handle the most difficult and complex cases. The firm has the proper mix of tenacity and flexibility to reach an outcome that benefits the client without the client suffering unwarranted pain as part of the legal process. The firm proves itself to be sensitive to the client's need for communication and compassion and works with the client to craft key elements needed to assist in obtaining/attaining a positive outcome. The lawyer-client relationship is close, honest, effective and mutually respectful. Charny & Wheeler understands workplace disputes and has the experience, intellect and courage to speak for workers who find themselves in need of an advocate. The firm is result oriented and works unyieldingly to reach an outcome in the best interest of the client. I have already recommended the firm without reservation." [May 2012]

Controller for mid-size Hudson Valley employer quits his position after being subject to a hostile work environment by his abusive boss. Able to argue constructive discharge based on extreme hostile work environment and secure severance package, unemployment compensation and neutral reference.

"Charny & Wheeler handled a difficult situation very effectively." [April 2012]

Epileptic employee is subject to summary discharge the same day employer is advised of his disability. Employee had secured successor employment which limited available future damages. Secured substantial severance package in exchange for release of claims.

"Guys you did GREAT. I would recommend you in a heartbeat." [February 2012].

Public School teacher is denied unemployment compensation after School District challenges eligibility based on time and attendance violations. Successfully represent claimant in administrative proceedings leading to award of UI benefits.

"When I first walked into the office of Charny & Wheeler, I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous, confused and needed answers to so many questions concerning my employment. After meeting with both the attorneys, I left the office with a feeling of contentment, feeling all my questions had been answered, professionally.

I worked with my attorney, directly. Working with him has been a whole new experience for me. Not only did he help me through a very stressful part of my life, he was always there to listen and help me through whatever it was I was going through at the time. If I called and left a message, he would get back to me as soon as he was free (usually, within minutes). He was always there for me.

If I was stressed, he always took the time to listen, patiently! I can’t tell you how much that, alone, meant to me. He was always professional, straightforward and honest. Always, assuring me we had a solid case and giving me the confidence in believing we “will” win!

The first words I heard from him when he received the Judge’s Decision was, “You won.” I corrected him by saying, “We won” because without you I wouldn’t have had a chance. So, from the bottom of my heart I want to say Thank You! You are a valuable asset to your profession!

Charny & Wheeler comes highly recommended!" [January 2012]

Administrative employee of Hudson Valley college is laid off based on alleged job elimination. Challenged elimination as further to discriminatory layoffs based on age and made claims for unpaid overtime. Secured severance package of six-month wages.

"I am grateful for the professional support at a time where when I was devastated by the loss of my job. You were very responsive to my situation and I would not have received a settlement without you. Many thanks!" [January 2012]

Employee of supermarket challenges her termination based on race discrimination. After commencing federal litigation, negotiated and secured severance payment and settlement agreement.

"Charny & Wheeler is a very very good law firm and they get their job done." [January 2012]

Long term white collar employee of large national law firm is subject to abusive treatement by new supervisor and seeks economically sustainable separation from employment; retirement was in any case imminent.  Negotiated and secured substantial separation pay plus unemployment compensation and positive reference.

"As a professional career woman familiar with all businesses and leaders I consider Nathaniel Charny a 'star' with a prestigious work record and morally outstanding.  Best !!" [November, 2011]

Public sector employee is injured on the job and seeks counsel on the intricacies of options.  Negotiated and secured extended paid leave and disabiltiy retirement.

"I would definitely recommend Nathaniel's services to my friends and family.  I appreciated that he took the time after hours to clearly explain all my options.  All of my phone calls were returned in a timely manner and the dispute with my employer was resolved quickly.  Thank you!" [November, 2011]

Employee of not-for-profit is demoted and terminated after challenging not-for-profit's practices related to securing goverment benefits for its clientele.  This was employee's second (moonlighting) job and reinstatement was not sought.  Secured substantial buy-out and separation package.

"Charny & Wheeler took my case seriously from the very first conversation.  I was told exactly what to expect and the best course of action to take.  I felt like I was not alone after talking to Mr. Charny.  Thank you."  [October, 2011]

Short-term store manager faces hostile work environment and constructive dischage because employer stopped providing full time hours all soon after she told her boss she was pregnant.  After termination, employee had wages deducted based on loan made for moving expenses when she was hired.  Employee had signed arbitration agreement precluding litigation. Commenced both wages and pregnancy discrimination arbitration.  Matters were resolved for severance package and transition agreement.

"My attorneys were extremely kind, honest, and fought hard and swiftly for my case.  I hope I or anyone I know never have to face a disrimination situation, but if they do I will be sure to recommend Charny & Wheeler!" [October, 2011]


Substance abuse counselor at treatment facilty is subject to disparate treatment once she returns from protected medical leave.  Client had a new job lined up.  Negotiated separation package and agreement.

"I am very pleased with the representaion of Charny & Wheeler.  Mr. Charny did whatever was needed to make sure that I was comfortable and made sure that I received justice.  I would recommend Charny & Wheeler for workplace disputes because they will fight for you." [September 2011]

Provided advice and counsel on negotiation of and transaction documents for sale of internet business.

"Thanks so much for your help with the sale ... Your down-to-earth manner combined with your knowledge made it easier for me to stand my ground.  I'm glad you were in my corner!" [September 2011]

Long term employer of large national transportation company claims lost promotion opportunity based on race (African-American).  Commenced federal lawsuit and litigated through advanced discovery. Matter was settled for substantial payment; client remains employed.

"Charny & Asscciates is not reluctant to defend their clients against employers who don't follow the laws afforded employees regardless of the employee's resources." [August 2011]

Finance company fails to pay terminated accountant year end bonuses as required by employment agreement, claiming set off based on discretionary bonus payments made at the same time.  Employee contacts Charny & Wheeler five years after termination.  Commenced state court action for breach of contract and litigated through discovery.  Matter settled for nearly all of the contractual bonus money due.

"Nathaniel Charny provides competent and aggressive representation.  I would happily provide a reference.  There are thousands of attorneys and I would choose Nathaniel again." [July 2011]

Public school teacher seeks counsel on options after termination during probationary period.  Provide counsel and negotiation towards smooth transition and protection of all employee rights.

"My attorneys were very informative, patient and knowledgeable. The communication was excellent.  Any questions I had were answered patiently no matter how small.  I received what I 'needed' thanks to the professional advice I was given. I found Charny & Wheeler to be very knowledgeable and profressional in the handling of my case.  Thank you both!" [March 2011]

Excessive speeding violation negotiated to parking violation.

“I can’t comment on a work place dispute, but I would definitely recommend your services in settling a traffic citation!  Thank you!”  [June 2017]

High level executive seeks review of and negotiation of changes to a separation agreement proposed by the employer.  Provided counsel and negotiation towards final agreement that ensured a smooth transition and protection of all employee rights.

"I initially made a request for your services in a state of deep distress and upset.  Not only was your empathy important in calming me but it, along with your insight and sage advice, allowed me to make better informed decisions about how I wished ot proceed in a very unjust employment situation.  Without your suppor, knowledge and legal expertise, I would neither have understood the agreement I was being asked to sign and how it would affect my ability to access services and support in the future.  The energy you bring to bear in advocating for your clients is just what is required when facnig many of these companies whose sheer size can be intimidating.  I am truly grateful to you for protecting my interests in that matter.[February 2011]


Employee is terminated soon after concluding FMLA leave.  Mid-litigation, matter is settled for two years salary.

"I was discharged from my employment after 10 years.  I at that point decided to look for legal advice. I then came in contact with my attorneys who then took on my case and won the settlement for me. Not only did they achieve my settlement, they were exceptionally wonderful. They kept hope when I was starting to feel like there was none. They kept me focused.  Not only did they win my case they also gave me my self respect back. And that itself was me winning. Thank you for all your hard work and confidence in my case." [January 2011]

Manager of regional office of state-wide business seeks severence and separation agreement after being subjected to hostile work environment based on her sex.  Successfully negotiated substantial buy-out for this high ranking management official without resorting to litigation.

"The office of Charny & Wheeler was professional and accomodating in all areas of the law.  The office staff went above and beyond to expedite all issues of the matter as well as keeping clear and concise communications.  I was very pleased with the service." [January 2011]

Long-term senior executive of Hudson Valley employer is retaliated against for opposing certain improper workplace practices.  Subsequent to previously planned retirement, able to secure substantial additional compensation for employee because of retaliatory conduct by the employer.

"When other attorneys were unwilling to accept the case, Nathaniel Charny was willing to take up the matter.  I believe it was based on his commitment to address wrongs and provide support and hope where others were unwilling." [September 2010]

Employer challenges claim for unemployment compensation based on allegation that employee resigned employment.  Matter is litigated through appeal.  Secured decision of the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board finding employee eligible for benefits.

"It is with my sincerist gratitude that I want to thank you for all you did on my behalf.  You took an interest in my case as though I was a family member.  You listened to what I had to say; separated the good points from the bad and went to trial on my behalf.  Your confidence and calmness (if anybody knows me they know that is what I'm not) brought me to a satisfaction that if there was more needed to win my case, there wouldn't be a doubt in my mind that you would go the distance to find it.
  I would recommend your firm to anyone looking for a lawyer in your field of expertise and feel confident in these troubled economic times, that there are people out there looking out for the welfare of others.  I tend to get long winded and could go on and on, but will stop right here.  Again, I thank you the team of Nathaniel & Wheeler." [August 2010]

Employee of charitable organization is required to perform "volunteer" overtime without wages or overtime compensation.  Federal lawsuit for violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act is settled for payment of wages and overtime due and owing.

"Charny & Wheeler were very efficient in handling my case.  Everything was communicated to me for approval with suggestions that were best for me.  I recommend them very highly." [July 2010]

Long term employee of physician is discharged on trumped-up charges of theft soon after a new office manager is hired, while new office manager had articulated a bias against older workers.  Employees age discrimination suit is settled for severace package and neutral reference.

"We would emphatically recommend your services to anyone needing an attorney." [April 2010]

Group of employees of Hudson Valley not-for-profit are targeted by the organization's Executive Director for discharge soon after employees participated in petition campaign regarding the Executive Director's leadership and management of the organization.  Arguing retaliation for union activity, secured agreement providing employees "just cause" for discharge protection as well as a payment for the inflicted mental anguish.  The employees remain with the not-for-profit while the the Executive Director has since been terminated.

"First, Nathaniel was very easy to talk to.  He was warm and welcoming, and helped us prioritze our concerns.  In dealing with our employers, he was polite, persistent and professional, skillfully guiding us through the dispute resolution in such a way that our concerns were addressed, compensation was offered and we kept our jobs.  I would be delighted to work with Nathaniel again!  Trusting him was a good decision.  Thanks, Nathaniel!"
[December 2009]

"Nathaniel is a compassionate, understanding gentleman.  He is quite capable of deciphering through emotion and frustration to get to issues of workplace abuses.  I have already and will continue to refer clients to his practice as in my case.  I was treated with the dignity and respect I deserve.  I thank you for making me whole again." [December 2009]

A young disabled worker was fired from work in a supermarket because of his disability -- which could have been accommodated. Secured reinstatement to work plus nearly all of the backpay; with promised protections for accommodation of his disability.

New York City realtor fired an experienced real estate agent, claiming diminished performance. Client/real estate agent claims gender discrimination, including sexual harassment in the workplace. The matter settled during trial for $800,000.

National not-for-profit retains Nathaniel to attempt resolution through non-binding mediation of dispute between the organization's executive director and a majority of the board of directors. Successfully mediated transition agreement for the executive director satisfying all parties' needs and obligations.

"I didn't envy Nathaniel as he confidently stepped into our sensitive situation.  Not only did he skillfully guide us through a process completely foreign to us but he helped us heal old wounds positioning all parties for future success."

Executive Director of Buildings & Grounds in large municipal building is discharged after alleged rough housing in shop room. Won arbitration award under union's binding arbitration provision which included reinstatement to work with no lost seniority.

“I enthusiastically recommend Nathaniel Charny to represent you, your family members, and friends. After being with the same organization for more than twenty years with a stellar employment record, I was shocked to say the least to be discharged. I had a lot to lose like my home, car, and life savings if this allegation was proven. From the beginning to end, Attorney Nathaniel Charny made sure that I understood all of the legal proceedings, took the personal time to explain the reasons and consequences of following legal strategies, and kept me focused on winning the award. I am forever grateful to Mr. Nathaniel Charny for his legal expertise and if you want to win select him to represent you."

Liquor distributor implements a company "reorganization" which shuffles the sales reps routes such that senior sales reps are given lackluster routes to the benefit of the young new sales force. Multi-plaintiff age discrimination suit ends in a settlement of $1.5 million.

"Nathaniel handled this very complicated and hard-fought litigation with skill and care.  The employer was compelled to make the significant settlement offer after Nathaniel litigated the case though complicated proceedings with confidence and tenacity."

New Jersey Pepsi-Cola drivers complain about extended hours driving their routes. On behalf of union representing the drivers, was initial architect of state law overtime claim strategy and commenced state law administrative proceedings which were litigated and ultimately settled by other counsel for $17+ million, shared among 700 drivers.